Kanban storage systems
  • Cabinets integrated into work stations


    Our cabinets are often used to store tooling or equipment that needs to be contained yet accessible particularly in medical… more

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  • Customised Trolleys


    The use of trolleys in production, rather than the use of forklifts or manual handling, allows operators to deliver materials… more

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  • Two Conveyors - Top - Standard twin track conveyor. Bottom - Standard 40mm conveyor.


    We provide many different varieties of conveyors which are suitable for light, medium, and heavy duty applications. They can be… more

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  • partitioning for machine


    Partitioning is a great way to use our Profile and Framing Systems. It really showcases the flexibility and modular nature… more

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  • Work benches for assembly line

    Work Benches

    We understand that work benches often need to be strong, durable and withstand any kind of prolonged use so we… more

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  • Woven mesh steel used in our machine guarding

    Machine Guarding

    Machine Guarding is a critical application for many of our clients across a wide range of industries and sectors, from… more

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  • Full line of applications including machine frames, storage systems, work benches and trolleys

    Machine Frames

    Our machine frames can be as simple as a basic aluminium profile skeleton to a complete turnkey solution. We stock… more

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